To ensure that sufficient product is available to address the needs of Australian patients, export of domestically grown cannabis or medicinal cannabis products will not be permitted at this time.


The import and export of medicinal cannabis products between countries, including those made from low THC cannabis, is tightly controlled and subject to international drug conventions. Approval must be granted by the national governments of both the importing and exporting countries before shipment can occur.

Food grade/nutritional products derived from hemp may not meet Australian manufacturing requirements.

If a medical practitioner considers a medicinal cannabis product to be suitable for a particular patient, they must first seek approval from the TGA under the Special Access Scheme (SAS) or be granted 'Authorised Prescriber' (AP) status by the TGA. The doctor must also ensure the product and treatment is approved under the law of the state or territory in which the patient resides, as well as get TGA approvals. Evidence of these approvals may be required for the import application to the Office of Drug Control.

Once the doctor obtains SAS approval or is an Authorised Prescriber and can demonstrate the product and treatment is permissible under state or territory law, they (or a person on their behalf) can seek permission to import by completing relevant licence and permit application forms.

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