Vials of medicine on a production line


All persons interested in manufacturing narcotic drugs require a licence to manufacture from the Office of Drug Control. The licence is in addition to any licence issued by State or Territory Governments.

You will require a licence to manufacture narcotic drugs if you are conducting any of the following activities:

  • obtaining a narcotic substance from a plant (e.g. extraction of the opium poppy)
  • obtaining a narcotic from a synthetic process
  • transforming a substance into a narcotic drug, including from one narcotic to another (e.g. morphine transformed into codeine)
  • refining and/or concentration of a drug

For those interested in manufacturing for medicinal cannabis purposes, see the medicinal cannabis section of this website.

Depending on your manufacturing activity, you may also require a licence from the TGA. This information can be found in the manufacturing therapeutic goods section of the TGA website.

How to apply

Information for people wishing to manufacture a narcotic drug.