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The Narcotic Drugs Regulation 2016 is now available


The Narcotic Drugs Regulation 2016 (the Regulation) has been approved and is now available from the Federal Register of Legislative instruments.

The Regulation is necessary for carrying out, or to give effect to, the regulatory framework for the licensing of the cultivation of cannabis and the production of cannabis and cannabis resins for medicinal and scientific purposes, as well as in relation to the manufacture of drugs as provided for under the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967.

The Regulation also specifies the information and documentation that must be provided by an applicant at various key points, e.g. for an application for a licence, a permit associated with a licence under the Act and for any variation of a licence or permit. The Regulation also sets out the arrangements relating to the suspension and revocation of licences and permits, the surrender of a licence, applicable fees and when fees may be reduced or waived.

We encourage all who are interested in cultivating or manufacturing cannabis for medicinal purposes to make themselves familiar with the Regulation.

  • Cultivators & producers
  • Manufacturers

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