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Guidance: Completing the triplicate for a permit to import kava for food use

Guidance for completing the triplicate document to clear imported kava with Australian Border Force (ABF).

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The importation of kava, for food use, is subject to Regulation 5F of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (PI Regulations) and is prohibited unless the importer holds a permit issued by the Narcotics Control Section (NCS). A permit is required for each consignment that is imported.

The Triplicate is the document issued by NCS to provide to the Australian Border Force (ABF) as a clearance copy. This copy is required to clear the goods with ABF. Do not send this copy overseas. If you lose this copy you will not be issued a replacement and the imported goods will be seized by the ABF.

For personal use of kava, an incoming passenger (aged 18 years or over) into Australia may bring up to 4 kg of kava in their accompanied baggage. No import permit is required for incoming passengers bringing kava into Australia for personal use, where the quantity is under the relevant threshold.


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