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Transformed ODC website launched


Welcome to the new Office of Drug Control (ODC) website. The website is an important resource for consumers and industry stakeholders and stands as a critical communication tool in our regulatory work.

We have designed and built our website to align with the Digital Transformation Agency's Service Design and Delivery Process and Digital Service Standard. Taking a user centred approach to modernising and restructuring makes the website more intuitive for users to navigate and find the information you need.

Listening to feedback from users has helped us understand what information you need when you come to our website. You’ll find an improved search function and consolidated transaction pages so that important information, such as forms, are available in a central place. For example, the Apply for a medicinal cannabis licence has all the information you need in one place.

While the launch of the new website is a great milestone, this is only the beginning of the work being done. The next phase will further improve content to ensure information is easier to understand and relevant to users. 

Although we have tried hard to redirect many pages within the new structure, there could be some broken links. If you find a broken link, or would like to provide other feedback, you can use the 'Is there anything wrong with this page' feature available at the bottom of all pages.

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