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Licence approvals update


The Office of Drug Control recently published a statement advising the number of licences and permits that have been granted since 30 October 2016. This was the date legislation took effect to allow for the domestic medicinal cannabis framework to be implemented. At this important six-month milestone, a total of 7 licences had been granted (4 cannabis licences, 2 research licence and a manufacture licence) plus 1 permit. Just one week from the six-month mark, this figure has jumped significantly with an additional 5 licences being approved within a one-week period.

These newly granted licences include three Medicinal Cannabis licences, 1 Cannabis Research licence and 1 Narcotic Drug Manufacture licence. AusCann was among the successful Medicinal Cannabis licence applicants, along with Tasmanian Botanics who now hold a total of 3 licences; a Medicinal Cannabis Licence, a Cannabis Research Licence and a Narcotic Drugs Manufacture licence.

Additionally, a cannabis research licence granted to the Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd came into effect during the week.

The remaining licence holders have chosen to remain anonymous and their details will not be announced.

The total number of licences currently granted stands at 12.

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