18 April 2017

The Australian Government has implemented a mechanism for medical practitioners and pharmacists to contact importers directly regarding product availability. This list aims to assist medical practitioners in identifying what medicinal cannabis products are allowed to be imported and which are potentially available through the Special Access Scheme and Authorised Prescriber pathway. Importation of these products is done so at the importer's risk and there is no guarantee they will be deemed appropriate for use through these pathways.

Note: This information is provided only for the use by the medical profession and pharmacies. Patients and/or their family members should contact their doctor for treatment options.

Information is subject to change

Name Contact details Products available
Health House International

Phone: 08 9444 2444

Email: info@healthhouse.com.au

  1. CBD Oil 18.3mg Oil 1.2mgTHC/20.5mg CBD/mL 60mL
  2. CBD/THC Oil 9.7mg THC/10.3mg CBD/mL 60mL
  3. THC Oil 60mg Oil 18.3mg THC/0.2mg CBD/mL 60mL
Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals Pty Ltd

Phone: +61 (0) 2 8051 3134

Email: specialaccessscheme@tilray.com

  1. TC100 Drops (THC 10mg/mL + CBD 10mg/mL in a 25mL vial)
  2. CMAX Drops (CBD 100mg/mL in a 25mL vial)
  3. C100 Drops (CBD 10mg/mL in a 25mL vial)
  4. T300 Drops (THC 30mg/mL in a 25mL vial)
HL Pharma Pty Ltd

Phone: 03 9823 6228

Email: contact@hlpharma.com.au

CBD (Cannabidiol) Capsules

The information provided on this website is supplied by persons licenced under Regulation 5 of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulation 1956 for supply of medicinal cannabis products in accordance with Item 1 of Schedule 5A of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990. The Department of Health cannot guarantee availability of any product listed at a given time.