8 August 2017
Response to public consultation is now available
30 June 2017
Office of Drug control is seeking feedback on the potential export of medicinal cannabis
16 June 2017
Imported medicinal cannabis products only, not domestically produced product, can now be supplied through SAS Cat A
16 June 2017
The Office of Drug Control will be hosting two information and consultation sessions in July
15 June 2017
Unregistered medicinal cannabis products can now be prescribed under the Special Access Scheme Category A
9 May 2017
The total number of licences currently granted stands at 12
1 May 2017
43 licence applications under assessment and 7 already approved
8 March 2017
The first commercial medicinal cannabis licence has been granted, giving doctors greater treatment choices.
20 February 2017
On Friday 17 February 2017, the Office of Drug control issued the very first licence under the medicinal cannabis provisions of the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967
7 December 2016
Correcting the record on the 5 December 2016 Australian Financial Review story