1 December 2021

Restrictions on the importation of khat into Australia

Khat (Catha edulis) is a prohibited import substance in Australia. As of 1 December 2013, permits for the use of khat by individuals for recreational/cultural purposes are no longer issued.

There are currently no plans by the Australian Government to amend the regulations to allow the importation of khat for personal use.

Travelling with khat

Travelling to Australia with khat is not permitted.

Health effects of khat

Khat use has a similar effect to caffeine and in high doses can be compared to the effects of amphetamine. Effects include:

  • mild euphoria and hyperactivity
  • cardiovascular symptoms such as hypertension and tachycardia
  • depressed appetite

Growing evidence links chronic khat use with significant health problems, such as impaired liver function and gastro-intestinal damage.

The use of khat combined with the consumption of high sugar content drinks is also known to contribute to poor dental health and diabetes.